Mrs. Muktaben lives a very simple life. she gets up early at 4:45 am and sleeps at midnight in a compound without a bed and pillow. She doesn't need any costly things for herself. She organizes all these activities by staying there 24 hours. Under this institution 1200 handicapped students, 2000 rehabilitation benefices and their parents, 70 employees are associated affectionately. This institution is depended on donors. She always convinces the donors regarding her institution and social activities. It is not an easy task at all. There are so many questions arising and she handles them very politely. Institution has 7 government recognized educational projects. All these projects are there due to hard work and sincere efforts of Muktaben P. Dagli. It is not an easy task to do audit, inspection and administration but she does all these things very politely. Even the normal person can't think to do all these activities as Muktaben does in spite of having blindness. It is really a matter of pride.



Primary Education from Standard 1 to 7

   This education starts with basic programme of Braille reading and writing. Taking benefit of this education, ladies getting education upto College level have settled very well in the society.

High School for blind girls

   In state of Gujarat there is no separate high school for blind girls. Therefore this institution has started a blind girls high school in which education from standard 8 to 10 is being given to blind girls.

Integrated Education Programme

   Under this programme, the institution has appointed 35 mobile teachers with the aid of the Central Government. And about 1100 blind, deaf-dumb, mentally retarded children are taking its benefit. But the institution desires to form one hostel so that these children may study before the administers of the institution and they progress further.

Nature of disability Number of disabled persons Educational materiel and other requisite latest aid
Blind 107 Braille books, slates, Braille pens, school-bags, cassettes, uniform, Tape-recorder, brailler reader, writer and guidance.
Physical handicapped 666 Tri-cycles, wheel-chairs, ground mobility devices, crutches, calipers, artificial limbs, school-bags, books, uniforms.
Deaf- dumb 57 Hearing aids, uniform school bags, books, note-books.
Mentally retarded 370 Uniforms, school-bags, books, note-books, edu.implements.
Total 1100

   Besides, imparting training for debates, sports, dance-drama, the blind girls enter to participating in various competitions in the state. Residing in the institution, blind girls also study in college. At present one blind girl of the institution is doing B.A. with main subject Hindi. For the girls studying in college, the arrangements for reader, writer, cassettes, tape recorder and books are made by the institution. In the past four blind girls have availed its benefit.



Braille Script

   Train them in Braille Reading and provide books in Braille Script.


Home Science

Girls are taught how to cook and other household work.

We desire to start systematic diploma course of this home science when new premises of the institution are constructed and ready.


Mobility Training

    Under mobility training, blind girls are being given training to move independently. As a result of this training, all the blind girls who at present have married and gone to their matrimonial homes are able to do all the shopping for their homes by going independently to the market without any assistance. Training is also given in such a way that blind girls can do entire cleaning of their houses by themselves. Making all types of food items, feeding the members of the house and guests. The blind girls operate the house hold appliances such as domestic-mill, mixture, electric-plate by themselves. They can connect gas cylinder also themselves, may also insert primus wick without help from anyone.



    As the institution has not its own premises, at present blind girls are given training for crafts which occupies less space, such as:

  • Coir Work: By this job blind girls produce door-mats and pitchers of various types.
  • Canning work: Under this activity, blind girls can weave chairs of various types, waste paper baskets and other baskets of various types.
  • Beed Work: Under this activity, blind girls make various items, chains of bead/pearls.
  • Jute bags: Girls are taught to make jute bags, tables etc.

Our institute has started a Canning Diploma Course recognized by Technical board, Gandhinagar.


Computer Operating & Typing

    Training is given for Computer operating and typing in two languages in English and Gujarati. They operate the computer by the use of the latest voice software which is very useful for the blind people to operate the computer.

Computer Training Cource is I.T.I. recognized course. Our institute has students for this course from August 2002.


Physio Therapy

    This is an important medical treatment blind persons can give. Orthopaedic surgeons advise their patients to get exercises done by physio-therapists. Blind persons earn very well in this field. In Ahmedaba d there are blind persons earning monthly rupees 20 to 25 thousands. With the help of physio-therapy training, they can lead rich life, therefore, the institution has decided to start study course for blind girls.


Beautician Cource (Hair & Skin Care)

    Skin Treatment and Hair Styling is taught.

This course is I.T.I. recognized course. Our institute has started it from Aug-2002 for blind girls of the institute.


Music & Dance

Training of vocal and instrumental music is being given. Five blind students having taken education up to S.S.C. and music graduation are giving their service as music teachers.


Electric Wiring

Without harbouring fear of electric shock, which is feared by even sighted persons, blind girls are taking electric training. At present the institution has started imparting training to blind girls, with help of Shri Avinashbhai Dave, a blind teacher resident of Amreli, has already taught making of lamp series, fitting of switch board, plug, repairing of iron, heater, night lamp and making of electric hot plate.



Sewing clothes & embroideries

Under this activity, blind girls can do mending of clothes and straight sewing work of items like covers, bags. Under this training smallest matter like threading a needle is included.



When they get ready in all activities, we also rehabilitate these blind girls by fixing their marriages with suitable blind men to enable them to establish in the main stream of social life.
We have been running these activities for last 8 years and have established 99. blind girls in the main stream of life by getting them married.

By help of generous donation given by the donors at the time of wedding, the blind girls are given all the house hold items by the institution. In the past this institution by the help of one donor has also given a residential house to one blind girl. The donors also donate gold Mangalsutra to the brides.


Mother's Love

Marriage does not mean end of relation we have a very strong bonding with these girls as a mother to its own child so even after marriage, they come to Mrs. Muktaben to get their problems solved.



Since this is their Maternal home, they come here for their first delivery. Up to 39 deliveries have been made so far.



Teacher Training Centre

In state of Gujarat, there are only two centres giving training to the blinds in fields of teaching. There is no teacher training centre in Saurashtra-Kutch imparting training in field of mentally retarded where as for deaf-dumb children, there is only one centre in the whole of Saurashtra-Kutch at Bhavnagar. Therefore, many young men and women desirous of getting teacher's training in these three fields can not get admission. On extension of range of integrated education programme the necessity for such teachers has increased.

Therefore the institution has resolved to start training for preparing teachers for blind, deaf-dumb and mentally retarded children by getting approval of R.C.I. Delhi.


Old Age Home

Taking into regard difficult problems of old blind ladies, the institution has considered to start one home for blind old ladies. At present about five such women have taken shelter in the institution, who are over 40 years.


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