Shri Pragna Chakshu Mahila Seva Kunj, is devoted to the upliftment of Blind girls. We invite you to have a tour on upliftment of blind girls of Shri Pragna Chaksu Mahila Seva Kunj.

Pain, ailment, grief all these are interwoven with the body. Besides bodily suffering, human beings sometimes also experience mental suffering.

One poet has said that:

Tulsidas, says that only a bird understands the language of birds. The speech of birds is understood by the birds only. We can not understand the pain of dumb animals. Pains of disabled can be understood very well by a disabled person. And so that institution has decided to work for blind girls enwrapped in suffering, meaning in pains, moving with affliction, being insulted and disdained at every step in the society. This institution moved the blind girls lying in huts in the villages and made them reside in independent houses, for whom her own home is like a dream, for whom marital bliss is like a water bubble. With resolve to bestow all happiness in blind girls, this institution has been started. The institution took trouble to provide them with warmth of family and home, some one to listen to their problems and be of assistance to them and started specific activities those are done no where in whole of India and with help of gentlemen and leading merchants of the society started the work of spreading light in the lives of blind girls.

Philosophy of the institution is to get rid of inferiority complex and diffidence from blind girls due to loss of one important organ of body - EYES, so that they can lead life with confidence.

At, present about 200 blind girls are taking benefits of this institution. They are being provided with food, shelter, education, clothing and other amenities free of cost.

Establishment of Pragna Chakshu Mahila Seva Kunj

Muktaben's will & firm determination was timely responded by Ms. Vinoda. K. Shah who gave away her property to establish "Pragna Chakshu Mahila Kunj" in Surendranagar.

Pragna Chakshu Mahila Kunj, Surendranagar started in May 1995. Shri Kulinbhai Luthiya of "Manav Jyot", Mumbai also extended his assistance in this noble cause to improve socio-economic and educational status of the blind women.

120 blind women are being trained for vocational & rehabilitation support. Through this organization the Daglis have played a parental role in marrying the blind girls to their blind counterparts leading them to a happy married life.

Behind the scene

Mr. Pankaj Dagli

Mrs. Mukta Dagli

Founders of this organization who themselves are blind. They took a very momentous decision in their early life that they would not have their own issues in life, but they would adopt thrown out blind girls and bring all happiness into their blind lives. These blind girls come from very remote villages like Saurashtra, Gujarat, Assam. They are almost thrown out of their families because they are blind.

DAGLIS started by adopting four blind girls in the beginning. They are given shelter, food, clothing, love and affection of their parents. Today, Daglis are proud parents of 200 blind girls. Every blind girl has a history which is so sensitive that if one listens to it, tears will start flowing from one's eyes.


Mr. Navinbhai A. Maniar


One of the top most businessman from Mumbai who has totally devoted his life to this Institution and is selflessly collecting funds for running this institution. He is President of the institute; who is continuously following up for getting government assistance from the central government and the state government. He has been successful to collect the donation for the trust from different organizations, corporate bodies and individuals. Government has also granted 2 acres of land in Surendranagar for building hostel campus for these girls and all by the effort of Mr. Maniar


# Name Position
1 Mr. Navin Amrutlal Maniar President
2 Mr. Mansukhbhai Sanghvi Vice President
3 Mrs. Muktaben P. Dagli Trustee/Secretary
4 Mrs. Minalben Rohitbhai Shah Trustee
5 Mr. Rohitbhai V. Shah Trustee
6 Mr. Pravinbhai G. Shah Trustee
7 Mr. Rashikbhai A. Maniyar Trustee
8 Shri Pankajbhai K. Vora Trustee
8 Mr. K. L. Mehta Trustee
10 Mr. Prakashbhai K. Shah Trustee
11 Mr. Mukeshbhai P. Vora Trustee
12 Mr. Maheshbhai V. Shah Trustee
13 Mr. Chimanbhai Mehta Trustee
14 Mr. Pankajbhai K. Dagli Trustee
15 Mr. Manishbhai R. Shah Trustee
16 Mr. Harshadbhai M. Shah Trustee
17 Mr. Anilbhai V. Patel Trustee
18 Mr. Laljibhai M. Prajapati Trustee
19 Mrs. Nitaben Sashikant Tanna Trustee
20 Mr. Sashikant Tanna Trustee

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